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Mac Huff - Orvis Endorsed Guide and Owner


Hi Mac,

Just wanted to to tahnk you again for a great day on the Wallowa. Your instruction was really important and the "mending" techniques will be used on future trips. We both learned a lot of new Stuff. We enjoyed the next two days on the river. We had a great time with you on a beautfil Oregon river. Thanks for all your hard work.

Salem, OR



Thank you for a glorious 3 days of fishing! I so appreciate your patient instruction, calm professionalism, and wonderful humor! Tim who bought the ranch on the praiie asked for a referral so I hope you get his business soon. Again, many sincere and heartfelt than ks for the fly fishing trip of my dreams!

Irvine, CA


The Orvis Company


I am a retired business executive that has looked forward to improving and refining my fly fishing game. Believe me a lot of work was going to be necessary. I truly lucked out for my first retirement venture of fishing and learning.

Quite by accident, while visiting my Orvis store in Troy, Mi., I happened to grab a brochure from the Guide rack and stuck it in my pocket. I had a two week family vacation trip planned to the states of Oregon and Washington beginning August 9, 2005. As it turned out I had four days at the beginning of that trip available for just my interests.

I retrieved the brochure from my desk and contacted Mac Huff, one of your Orvis endorsed guides, in Joseph, OR. The moment was serendipitous! Mac was available for the days i wanted and most importantly as a one-on-one guide/teacher. I booked the trip and it was the beginning of some of the best days of my some sixty-six years.

Mac Huff is one of the best "guys" you could ever meet and most importantly, one of the best with a fly rod one could ever imagine. To top it all off, he is an exceptional teacher! Just being with Mac is enjoyable...fishing with him is extraordinary.

Mac's operation is in God's country and exceptional in every way imaginable. If you and your people are not recommending him to your customers you are cheating your customers out of an exceptional experience. I am taking two of my friends out next year to spend a number of days with Mac and it can't happen too soon.

Needless to say, I am a very happy Orvis customer and really glad you have such exceptional endorsed guides available.

Kind Regards,

Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Nov. 17, 2004


Just wanted to tell you how very much Jane and I enjoyed our time with you. You are a gifted guide and it was a pleasure for me to watch you work with Jane as patiently as you did. I was so happy for her to see those two monsters give her the time they did. We would love to come back over and fish with you again this winter on the Ronde.

Sun Valley, ID

Oct. 31, 2004

I wanted you to know how much George and I enjoyed our fishing trip. It was absolutely the best trip we've ever done and we've fished together for a longtime. You were very helpful with casting and fishing techniques and you were able to to impart your knowledge with patience, encouragement and humor. WE also really enjoyed Leon, his great cooking Aden his company.
Thanks so much for a great trip.
Winston, GA


Dear Mac,

Thank you for all your efforts in making the Troy workshop a success. I really appreciate your dedication and time in making sure that everyone had a great time. The women all thought you were an outstanding instructor and couldn't say enough nice things about you.

ODFW Becoming and Outdoors Women Coordinator



Thank you for help with my casting. You are a superb instructor.

You've opened up a whole new world for me!


Newberg, OR


Hi Mac;

I just wanted to write and say thanks for the great trip. I think I doubled the total number of fish i've caught on a fly line in one day! If you should need a reference, I'd be glad to give it.

Nine Mile Falls, WA



Just wanted to say thanks again for your efforts in helping Mary learn to fish with a fly rod. You really showed a lot of interest and patience in bringing her along and she really enjoyed the day. We'll want to come back next time in early September for a different look, but it may be a couple years before we find the time again.

Seattle, WA

Aug. 20, 2000

Thanks again, Mac, for a great day on the Grande Ronde. It was everything and more than we expected. I don't know much about fly fishing but I do know about teaching and you're a good teacher-still have calmness and patience after the 28th time of offering the same advice. Your expertise in the wild (life that is) really made it a special day. It's back to school for me so I can afford another guide trip.

Seattle, WA

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