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Find that elusive combination where solitude and fishing coexist.

Eagle Cap Fishing Guides fishes year around on rivers and streams in northeast Oregon and southeast Washington and providers guided fishing services for Pacific steelhead, rainbow and bull trout and smallmouth bass. Our fishing activities focus on Grande Ronde, Wallowa, Minam, Wenaha, Imnaha and tributaries. Floatable rivers are fished with driftboats and rafts, while smaller streams are wade fished on half-day, day and multi-day outings.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned angler, we have fishing and coaching to suit your needs. We are primarily a fly fishing guide service, but are skilled in gear fishing techniques as well for the enjoyment of non-fly fishing anglers.

Education is typically a prominent part of our guided fishing trips, helping anglers of all abilities improve their fishing skills, whether to improve or add casting skills or distance, lear new fishing techniques, or learn more effective presentations to detect the subtle takes that too often go unnoticed. We always emphasize and teach careful handling of the fish caught so that those that are released return to the river in excellent health.

Solitude is always our goal: for the aesthetics of the trip as well as the cooperation of the fish. Unhassled fish are almost always more receptive to your offering than heavily fished ones. Fish are naturally curious creatures. Their existence depends on it to find many things they require to survive, including food. They also have acute learning curves and can quickly lose their brash curiosity. This is often why fish may stop biting soon after you start fishing, they get wise to the trickery.

Steelhead fishing is our passion and the other fish species that we pursue are practice for this challenging and esteemed adversary. Rainbow trout re pursued from June through September. This fishery remains viable through October, and, in fact, can be outstanding during the last month of the season, but by late September the interest in these "small fries" is waning in favor of their brawny cousin steelhead While a five year old trout might reach a length in the teens, a three year old steelhead, that spent one year in the ocean will measure up to 26 inches and weight up to 5 pounds. A four-year old steelhead that spent two years in the ocean may add five inches or more and more-than double their weight. Taking on these fish is taking on the varsity and they have all the tricks of seasoned survivors. They have already proven themselves against Orca and sea lions and return with a worldly wisdom that makes them a quarry revered for their strength, heart, and sophistication. While there are days when steelhead seem trout-like dumb, they may well turn around and humble you the next time you go.

Two-handed rods (spey rods) have captured our imagination for pursuing steelhead and we are happy to give you an introduction to these capable instruments if you are curious or to help you refine your cast or presentation if you have already discovered these terrific rods. Whether fishing dry lines or sink tips these rods offer an efficiency that can't be matched with single handed rods.

Eagle Cap Fishing Guides
2012 Guide Rates

Full day for 1 or 2 anglers - $450

Full day for 3 anglers - $550

1/2 day for 1 or 2 anglers - $350

Fly casting lesson - $35/hr

$10/hr for each additional student

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