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Eagle Cap Fishing Guides has two digital slide presentations to entertain fishing clubs and other groups interested in fishing opportunities in northeast Oregon or steelhead fly fishing techniques.  The program "Fishing Wallowa County, Oregon's Forgotten Northeast Corner" give viewers a seasonal and regional overview of the fishing opportunities available in Wallowa County, examining species that are available at various times of year and the rivers and lakes that offer fishing opportunities throughout the county.

The program "Steelhead Catching Techniques" is a 40 minute review of fly fishing techniques that are effective for catching steelhead and some of the minute details of each presentation that make them deadly.  This presentation will give novice and intermediate fly anglers the equivalent of years experience and advanced fly anglers will likely learn some new details that will help them solve particular fly fishing problems.  This program focuses on steelhead fishing, but the technique will make any angler more effective fishing for almost any species found in a stream.



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