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Summer and Fall 2010 Trip Schedule

June - Grande Ronde River Stonefly hatch. Float a wilderness section of the river during the prolific stonefly hatch progressing up the river. There are a variety of caddis and mayfly hatches this month, but the fun is stonefly dry flies.

July - Grande Ronde River 'hopper hatch. Float a wilderness section of the river pounding the shore with ‘hopper dries for rainbow trout.

August - Grande Ronde River smallmouth bass mania. Float a wilderness section of the river fishing wets, dries, streamers, and more for a worthy adversary with an attitude. If you haven't fly fished for smallmouth bass yet, you are missing a marvelous opportunity. We fish for these fish like trout, sometimes sight fishing, but usually fishing to structure, and when they are hooked they fight 25% bigger than an equivalent sized rainbow trout.

Steelhead fever has no cure.

You can only treat the symptoms

and each treatment only makes the

condition worse!

We have your next therapy session!©

October & November Grande Ronde River steelhead fishing. Float a wilderness section of the river swinging dry and wet flies for Pacific summer-run steelhead. This is a great opportunity to pursue these spectacular fish with dries and improve your skills and techniques with expert guides.

2010 - Oct. 18-25 - 5-day float on the Grande Ronde. 2 anglers/guide, $2,249/pp. 4 angler min. 8 angler max. The 2010 run is about 50% bigger than the 2009 run when we landed 300 steelhead for the season. This is shaping up to be a GREAT steelhead season.

Custom dates and itineraries can be arranged on requestion. Call now to book your trip (800) 940-3688




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